Twitch streamer finds unusual solution to feeding with br*asts while broadcasting

For some reason, the whole world is very happy with the joke that one Twitch streamer pulled at all “pool” influencers.

Media all over the world covered the case of a streamer who did nothing amazing, and yet it made her popular.

People delight in all sorts of things, so maybe it’s actually somehow interesting, though frankly despite the fact that clips of this situation are popular, it’s nothing special.

Combining pool streaming with br*ast-feeding

The streamer “PeopleGames” had a bit of a problem. She had to feed her baby from time to time, wearing a rather uncomfortable pad, which, by the way, obscured everything on the stream. So her moderators came up with an idea on how the streamer could combine feeding and continue streaming at the same time.

Instead of simply covering that part of the screen, a special graphic was prepared, connecting the streamer’s face to the lower part of the screen.

At first glance, you can’t even see that something is wrong here. Only after looking closely does one notice a clear cutoff. Why has this become popular? It’s hard to say. Sometimes even we don’t understand it.