Twitch streamer brags about her nails. Yes, it was definitely about the nails

One streamer decided to show off her nails to viewers. Well, it was sort of about nails.

One of the popular Twitch streamers, who is watched by more than 100,000 people, recently launched a broadcast in which she bragged about her fingernails. The title of the stream included a reference to just that:

Of course, the chosen category already hints that something might be relatively interesting, or at least strange, here. And indeed it was.

Nails, it’s all about the nails

Hardly anyone looked at the nails. It’s not the first time the streamer has launched a stream with a pool in the background and a costume that… well, raises some questions about its size. Of course, no one looked at any nails.

Of course, it’s about the nails. Twitch’s hands are tied here because there are no grounds for a ban. N*pples are covered, at least in theory. There’s also a swimsuit with a pool in the background, so everything is done according to the rules. However, no one doubts what the whole stream is really about.