This is how the Twitch streamer thanks her subscribers. “At least she knows what her assets are.”

Regular Twitch viewers are very familiar with all those ways of thanking viewers for subscribing.

Different streamers have different ways to thank their viewers for subscriptions or donations. Some do a high-five, and others say a simple “thank you”. But there are also other ways to do that.

One Spanish female streamer at one time did something very specific that definitely encouraged the male part of the audience to subscribe. And thank-yous rather rarely serve this kind of function.

A peculiar thank you

Twitch has changed its policy regarding “characterized” gestures, so this way of thanking had to go away, but it worked quite well.


It’s worth mentioning that in general the streamer is known rather for her sense of humor, and uses beauty for “encouragement” on her Twitter feed:



Spain has an incredibly developed streaming community, and Cristinini is watched by more than 3 million people.