The Twitch streamer was aiming for a very specific number of followers. Apparently it was funny

There are clips on Twitch that are becoming quite popular for quite seemingly trivial reasons.

Everyone probably knows that once people laugh when they hear the number “69”, of course, everyone knows why. It would seem, however, that those times are over. And yet not necessarily. One of the streamers was trying hard to get a certain number of followers, which got involved in his entire chat.

This number was “69420”. For some reason, people found it funny, and the clips have already made their way to TikTok.

69420 on Twitch

This number has appeared on social media for the first time. Once, one of the LoL players asked Riot to reduce his NE to this number. Today it’s about something else, which is the number of followers.


Maybe it’s funny, maybe not – it’s hard to say. Certainly, this type of “games” engages the audience and in this case, it was just a random idea that the streamer came up with completely by accident, looking at the number of followers.