The Twitch streamer received a rather interesting package, and in it, the cash for which you can buy an apartment

Viewers of Amouranth, a popular streamer, don’t even amaze others with their behavior anymore. They just do what they’ve always done.

There’s really been a lot going on around Amouranth, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, lately. If not the drama about her ex-husband forcing her into pool streams and blackmailing her, then again returning to her “standard” content as if nothing ever happened, and now again getting interesting gifts from fans.

Although in this case such “caring” viewers can be envied by Amo. At her last stream, the streamer received a special self-defense kit, cash, a new phone, and a letter from a mysterious fan who gave her all this.

Apparently, he doesn’t want anything in return

The streamer read the letter during the broadcast. She reportedly got it from a viewer who left his number, but didn’t want anything in return for all that he sent her.

70 thousand dollars, a new phone with a new number that no one will know, and some gadgets for self-defense in the city. In addition, the letter also included a contact number for a paid security guard that Amouranth can call at any time.

At first, the streamer thought the money was fake, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be real. In addition, the girl points out that the fan does not want anything from her in return, and the letter is completely normally written.

There is no scary: “run away with me, please marry me,” as it usually is.

Some viewers have noticed a similarity to what MrBeast has done on Twitch in the past – making large donations to other streamers. For now, it’s unclear whether it’s him or another influencer of similar caliber, but there’s a chance.