The streamer, when assembling the computer, had a big slip-up, breaking the glass casing into small parts

One of the streamers had a problem with her computer. So she called another streamer on Skype to help her.

The plan was good. The streamer had a problem with the computer and called another streamer who had to instruct her on what and how to do it. Everything went well for several dozen seconds until the streamer had to get rid of the glass part of the casing.

Everyone knows that these glass cases look great, but sometimes they literally break just from looking at them. Here, gentle pressure on one part was enough for the glass to break.

It looks quite dangerous, and it is

This is a kind of warning for all those who have such cases. When they break, they can cause many problems, not only with cleaning. Glass can easily cut your hands or get to your eyes. Fortunately, nothing like that happened here, although the streamer got a few pieces of glass in her hand.


It might look funny, but it’s worth taking care of your eyes in such situations. It is best to check them carefully to make sure no piece of glass has gotten in. Nobody will disassemble the computer with safety glasses, but it is worth not to have your head close to the casing when removing it.