The company earns hundreds of thousands on this YouTuber and has reported every clip with his participation. He didn’t even know about it

The company hooked up to the YouTuber and reported everything that belongs to him.

Life is not easy for popular YouTubers. Oftentimes, other people try to make money off of them, creating artificial dramas and fueling them or accusing them of acts they didn’t do.

Sometimes this may lead to the end of their careers. This time, the popular creator, iShowSpeed, fell victim to a company that had been parasitizing on him for a long time, and he did not even know about it.

iShowSpeed and the mystery company

If a person is a trend, then many people try to hook themselves to him. They write his name into the title and mention him in the video to make his thing stand out. Shots channels also use it to earn some extra money. They are often huge amounts of money. However, the creators can block this and claim their rights to the clip by transferring the earnings to their account. If there are a lot of such videos, they can earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. This is what it looks like with iShowSpeed and a company called “Thumb Media”:


As you can see, they claim rights to his content. They blocked many films, even of popular creators, and best of all… it turns out that iShowSpeed did not know about it. Despite the fact that the company pretended to be its representative. He only found out from Reddit, where one of his viewers showed him the above video with evidence.



This is where lawyers should step in, and the author himself can count on heavy compensation. Especially that for many months, even several million of incomes not belonging to them could have been credited to the company’s account. Fans are also surprised by YouTube’s behavior and the fact that he allows it. Perhaps the platform itself will also be hit for allowing such practices.