Shorts on Youtube have disappeared from the channels. They have gone to a separate tab along with live broadcasts

Youtube channels until now were incredibly chaotic. Regular videos were tangled with Shorts and it looked not very aesthetically pleasing.

Youtube is cleaning up the display of regular videos, Shorts, and streams. This is a good decision because more and more often the channels were just plain messy. It was sometimes difficult to find a normal video between 50 Shorts.

Now, this is changing. New tabs have appeared on the channels, corresponding to videos, Shorts, and live broadcasts. As of yesterday, Shorts no longer show up in the basic videos tab.

Shorts in another tab

All this is to help you figure out what, where, and how. When browsing Youtube on a computer, you’ll quickly notice that the video tiles are much larger than they used to be.

The changes will include all Youtube channels, while it may take a while – potentially up to a few days. It remains to be seen how this will affect Shorts’ viewership, and whether it will affect it at all.