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Roblox sued a popular YouTuber for abstract things he was supposed to do

The developers of Roblox decided to file a lawsuit against YouTuber, who is subscribed by about 700,000 people on Youtube.

Roblox said enough and decided to sue a YouTuber known as Ruben Sim. He was supposed to show very aggressive behavior towards players and developers alike.

The lawsuit was filed for USD 1.6 million. This is a huge amount, but the offenses were also very large. Some of them cost the developers of Roblox several tens of thousands of dollars.

What was a Youtuber sued for?

It is worth remembering that so far we only know the version of one side. Roblox Corporation accuses Youtuber of a number of offenses, including interruption of a physical conference in San Francisco over Simon’s post that the police are looking for Islamic extremists on the spot. The investigation was said to cost the company $ 50,000.

The list of allegations is really long:

  • Attempts to add adult content to the game.
  • Using offensive insults and comments towards players, setting offensive character names, and added items.
  • Attempts to add the image of Hitler to Roblox.
  • Hailing murder back in 2018, threats against players and developers.

On top of that, there are also smaller things that ended in a ban for Simon. Most of these minor offenses are related to 18+ content.

YouTuber is very controversial, but still has a good number of fans. His materials were viewed several million times. Simon definitely cannot complain about earnings or his position. This, however, may be over soon.