On December 1, Discord will introduce a major change that affects everyone. You will notice right away

On December 1, Discord will introduce a change that everyone will notice as soon as they turn on the messenger.

Discord rarely makes this type of change, so the platform has started announcing the upcoming revolution today. It will affect every user, and you will see the change as soon as you turn on the messenger.

Why? Discord will begin updating all interface elements to its new font, dubbed “gg sans.” This affects everyone – on phones, on computers, on browsers, on separate clients.

It will affect everyone

Why? Reportedly, it will be easier this way for Discord itself. The change will be implemented gradually, the final implementation may take up to a few weeks, at least that’s what Discord writes.

If you have Discord on computers, you don’t have to do anything – the update will download automatically. On phones, you may need to refresh the app, which means simply turning it off and on. What should this font look like? Probably like this:

By the way, it is worth mentioning that gg sans can not be used in other projects.