It’s impossible that such a nifty hair idea didn’t work. But the Twitch streamer’s vision was interesting

The clip was available for a total of 11 days. When it became known about it, Twitch completely removed it and banned the streamer. Interestingly, the girl had no OF, she did not do it for promotion.

Such situations can be seen as experiments by streamers on how much they can do. The trick with reflection in the mirror has already been used and did not pass, covering oneself with hands also, sticking various stickers to oneself too – well, unless as part of “art” and body painting.

Here there was no question of any art. As Reddit users joke, this censorship was really interesting.

But it didn’t work out

It’s interesting that someone found it at all, but for obvious reasons, it quickly started trending.

The girl probably didn’t mean any promotion, she just started the stream, chatted with people, and got banned a dozen days after the “incident”.


Of course, the ban would have been imposed regardless of the hair idea, mainly because of the lower part of the body, but the efforts were appreciated on Reddit – CLICK.

People laugh that this is a classic 3-day ban, and so it can be, although here we are talking about a stream that was not likely to be some top one. There were a few people on it and someone made a clip.