How much is Squid Game worth, how many people have watched this series? Netflix shared some interesting facts

One of the biggest sources of TV networks has published statistics on Squid Game.

Although Squid Game celebrated its first month since its premiere a few days ago, it turns out that the series broke many different streaming records. South Korean production can already be safely called a TV megahit, and this is confirmed by all the statistics on this subject.

One of the largest TV networks has shared interesting information with the world about how much the studio has earned thanks to the latest series, how much is estimated to earn, and how many people have managed to see Squid Game.

Squid Game worth 900 million?

Bloomberg is a world-famous American TV network that focuses mainly on the capital market and business programs. It was this company that decided to go to Netflix and the producer of Squid Game – Siren Pictures Inc. – to answer some interesting questions.

As indicated in the responses, Netflix takes great care to ensure that all information is highly proprietary and that most of it is not public, while producers agreed to share some interesting statistics, which were then published by Bloomberg.

Netflix estimates that its current megahit will bring the company a whopping $ 900 million in profit, looking at how the massive cash injection production has generated in the first weeks of the show’s release. The studio has data on what its viewers are watching and on this basis, it can generate the estimated value of a given production.

Interestingly, even though Squid Game seems to be a big production, it turns out that the series by today’s standards was quite cheap. Squid Game production costs $ 21.4 million, or roughly $ 2.4 million per episode. These numbers are, of course, for the first season and are derived from the document detailing Netflix’s performance data.

Netflix confirms that approximately 132 million people watched at least two minutes of Squid Game in the show’s first 23 days, breaking the record set by Bridgerton. Additionally, the company points out that 111 million people started watching the show earlier this month.

Even though Netflix reveals how many people started watching the South Korean blockbuster, it hasn’t revealed how many viewers have either completed or stopped watching the show and then came back again. Interestingly, many TV networks are giving numbers for how many people watched the show during its run, making the 2-minute number given in the Netflix documentary look overstated, although it’s not.

In the case of Squid Game, Netflix estimates that 89% of people who started the show watched at least 75 minutes (more than one episode), while 66% of viewers, or 87 million people, finished the show in the first 23 days after launch. All in all, people spent over 1.4 billion hours watching a South Korean TV series.

Siren Pictures has confirmed that the company’s stock has risen 7% since the release of Squid Game on September 17, 2021, valuing its company at $ 278.1 billion. Even investors expect results to soar further in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

What distinguishes Squid Game from other Netflix series is its popularity compared to its low production cost. The entire series cost less than a few episodes of The Crown.

Squid Game scored a whopping 353 points on the AVS scale, which reflects not only the number of people who watched the show but also how valuable those viewers are (an AVS above 9 or 10 is already considered very high). Viewers who are new Netflix customers or who use it very rarely are considered more valuable than regular customers because this shows how much the production is able to attract new viewers to the platform.

Bloomberg admits that it only released the most interesting information about the latest South Korean megahit, explaining that much of it was unclear due to the different way Netflix kept its estimates. In addition, much of the information was proprietary that could not be made public, as one of Netflix’s attorneys emphasized in the report.

Anyway, all of the above curiosities clearly indicate that Squid Game is a phenomenon of this year’s film productions, which should further encourage those who are still waiting to watch the series.