Discord is losing another popular bot. After 5 years, the creators were forced by Youtube to close their project

Youtube just made another popular music bot cease to exist.

Youtube is bolder and bolder when it comes to music bots that offered to play music with the option of skipping ads. It was this skipping of ads that was the most painful for Google, at least that was the conclusion drawn from the information provided by Groovy Bot.

Now another popular bot that has already been present on over 20 million servers is closing, which in total has translated into over 500 million people who have used the bot at least once. Discord users won’t be able to use “Rythm”, at least for a while.

Youtube shuts down another bot

On the official website of the project, there is a relevant information with the message that the bot is closed. Interestingly, the creators were already prepared for this and had been devising a way out of this situation for months. As we read, this is not the end yet.

You can guess that YouTube will be closing down more, even smaller bots until there is one specific alternative that will not be closed – although it is difficult to imagine.

Developers of “Rythm” seem confident, so maybe in a few months they will have a new product, this time fully compliant with YouTube’s policy.