Discord is getting rid of users who redeemed it using a certain trick

Discord has officially announced that it will take action against people who have gained a rare icon by using a certain trick.

There are some people who care deeply about standing out in some way. And so many people used a certain trick that gave them a normally unavailable icon next to their nickname. Discord was well aware of this, and the verification of these badges is beginning.

In December people will still have them, but starting in January they will probably lose them. It was a way to recognize developers creating various applications from normal users.

Discord is putting an end to it

It has been officially announced that Discord will be checking the activity of holders of this badge starting in January. This means so much that people will simply lose it. Which icon is it specifically about?

People who used tricks on TikTok to gain it will simply lose it. It’s not groundbreaking news, but surely a lot of people will be worried because it was nevertheless some way to stand out from the rest.

Real app developers, on the other hand, will surely rejoice. They have nothing to worry about; they should pass the entire verification process without a hitch.