A mishap on a Twitch stream that no one was likely to see. The ban is possible

During streams, sometimes things happen that we definitely would not like to see. This is one of them.

These types of things usually lead to the banning of the channel on which they occurred. Regardless of gender, some things cannot be shown. In this case, the professional player was unlikely to be aware that you can see “too much” of him.

The commentators themselves summed up the whole thing with the words “we didn’t want to see it,” which is probably the best summary of the situation. The player getting up simply exposed too much.

The ban is in the air

There is a chance that the channel will be banned for this situation. It’s all about professional gaming in theory, but that doesn’t help much. Even Amazon’s channels have been banned in the past, so it doesn’t really matter where or on which channel the slip-up occurred.


The question is how Twitch will react at this point. There have already been many bans based on just such things. Here, interestingly enough, the owners of the channel seem to be convinced that since it’s about a man, no consequences await them. Indeed, the clip is still normally available.