This job offer at Cyberpunk 2077 may suggest that CDPR will listen to players’ requests

CDPR is constantly recruiting new people, reminding from time to time that there are still many job offers strictly for Cyberpunk 2077.

Online, you can find job offers at CDPR that have been hanging for a year. The studio has already forgotten about most of them, and the site itself is not updated. Even yesterday, there was a reminder that CDPR is still recruiting:

And what’s interesting about these offers? This is what Reddit users have noticed.

What’s interesting there?

For many months, Cyberpunk players have been writing that it would be nice to be able to change the camera from the first to the third person – so that it would run smoothly, as in many of the modifications already available. makavelinow noticed that CDPR was looking for a developer who specialized in third person view.

This may mean that CDPR is actually trying to create a third-person view as a normally available function. On the other hand, it is an offer that has been on the site for many months and it is possible that it is about something completely different. For example:

  • perspective while driving,
  • fight,
  • shots in scripted sections.

However, the information contained in the job offer is certainly interesting:

Maybe one of the updates will indeed include the third-person view option that the community has been asking for so much lately.