Something that many people cannot imagine playing Cyberpunk 2077 without

Cyberpunk 2077, although it offers many interesting features, a few things are definitely missing, or they are not very well done.

This is why the modding scene is so developed. Modders can not only slightly improve the gameplay but also add completely new things to it. An example is a drone, which is one of the most-downloaded mods.


However, it is not the most popular. In the last 30 days, players have been downloading something else en masse, something that just corrects the tags. This is a trivial matter in theory, but today a lot of people do not know how to play without it.

Better loot tagging in Cyberpunk 2077

The mods have already reached such a level that there is no reason to be afraid of them in any way. This is a permanent element of the game, at least on PC. Of course, modifying your version of the game carries some risk of bugs, but these most popular mods are well tested and are unlikely to glitch.

One of them, “Better loot markers”, has been gaining popularity recently, making it the TOP 1 most downloaded mod in the last 30 days.

It does exactly what it should – labels items better.

To find this mod, go to the “nexusmods” page and search for “Better loot markers”. However, you have to remember that you may experience crashes, if that happens, you have to wait for the next update.