Not very positive news about the next update of Cyberpunk 2077. Expectations need to be lowered

On Discord. there was supposed to be an announcement that players should change their expectations, especially with regard to patch 1.6.

Currently, Cyberpunk 2077 players are waiting primarily for the next update, which is to be marked as 1.6, and for a full-fledged expansion, an extension that will introduce a lot of news. Meanwhile, CDPR cautions not to expect too much from 1.6.

The extension was given as the reason. Studio reminds that work is split at the moment and update 1.5 was “huge”. From this, you can read that 1.6 will not be a significant update.

1.6 will be rather modest?

Information about 1.6 was posted on Discord. There aren’t any particulars there, but it looks like players have been advised to lower their expectations for the update.

The release date of the update is still unknown, but this is one of the sadder pieces of information regarding the upcoming update. Everyone hoped that 1.6 would equal 1.5, but the message says something completely different.