Don’t tell Judy from Cyberpunk 2077 you want this pizza. She is definitely not a fan of it

Cyberpunk 2077 has at least a few different references to pizza. This is one of them.

Cyberpunk is full of all kinds of Easter eggs that often mock the real world. The creators, for example, laugh at the dispute between people who like pizza with pineapple and those who are definitely its opponents.

One of the most popular easter eggs is the one about eating pizza with pineapple as a crime.

But that’s not all

This is not the only place where this whole argument is referenced. In one of the conversations with Judy where the character asks us what we like on a pizza, we have several options to answer.

Of course, many people know about CDPR’s “love” for pineapple pizza, so players usually choose the latter option to see what happens. Judy does not appreciate the answer very much.

This was shown in his edited video by a Reddit user with the nickname “TomNXT”, who added a bit from himself.


This does not affect the plot itself or the further fate of the game, at least seemingly.