Cyberpunk 2077’s overall rating has dropped. It’s not “very positive” anymore, but still not bad

Cyberpunk’s overall rating has gone downhill. For the past few months it was only getting better until mid-December.

Cyberpunk has probably been described in every way possible. On Steam, it was rated terrible, then reasonably good, and finally, the overall rating came to the second best, which is “very positive”.

This meant Cyberpunk was rated positively by at least 85% of players. Most of the positive opinions came after discounts, where CDPR’s game could be bought for really ridiculous money – less than $ 10.

How much have the grades dropped?

The rating system on Steam is based on the percentage of player votes. This means that Cyberpunk has dropped two notches at the moment.

  • Very positive – 85%+
  • Positive – 80%+
  • Mostly positive – 70%+

The next step is “mixed” which will appear at 69%. However, it is still a long way off, currently, 76% of players rate Cyberpunk positively.

Such a change is unlikely to make much difference, of course, until there is a change from positive to bad ratings, but it is unlikely to happen, at least not when not much is happening in Cyberpunk.

Maybe only when a new extension or a long-awaited update is released, something will actually change here, but it will surely only in a few months.