Cyberpunk 2077 players are surprised that these changes only appear on new saves

The Cyberpunk community realized that CDPR has changed one thing, but it’s only visible in the new saves.

It would seem that Cyberpunk 2077 players will not be surprised by anything anymore. And yet, according to community observations, CDPR has introduced changes to the game, which are mainly visible in the new saves.

It is about small events that happen in Night City. Players observed that CDPR had to fix something because there are many more of them. Hardly anyone, however, originally paid attention to it, because it becomes visible only on a “clean save”.

Is it really so?

The developers have not confirmed it anywhere, but according to the players, the mini-events that take place in the game have been fixed. People are divided into those who think fresh saves are needed here and those who deny it.

At this point, opinions are divided and the solution is one. If you do not see increased activity in Night City, it is worth checking it on a new save. It is known that not everyone will start over just to see something like this:


However, there is definitely something happening. In recent days, a lot of people have noticed that in Night City something has become more alive. CDPR seems to have fixed some of the scripted activities.