An unusual NPC trick in Cyberpunk 2077 that quickly went viral. French fries turned into…

Sometimes observing the behavior of an NPC can lead to funny situations.

The NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 can surprise at times. Their behavior can be very unnatural, and while CDPR has improved many things, it’s better not to talk about AI. Then it may turn out how strange things NPCs can do.

Reddit user with the nickname “TomNXT” showed a rather unusual “trick” that quickly became a viral. The character in the game hides the fries “in his pocket” and it would not be surprising if these fries did not undergo a magical transformation.

There were fries, and there is…

Mr. Bean with his “magic” fits perfectly here. Of course, one should not expect every single NPC in the game to behave meaningfully, but by observing the AI it is easy to conclude that someone has messed up something here.


Of course, this does not significantly affect the gameplay, but it does show that CDPR has made some big compromises at certain points. If you sometimes want to distract yourself from in-game tasks, it is worth taking a look at what inconspicuous NPCs are doing.