A hidden camp of the homeless and addicted in Cyberpunk 2077 that is not easy to find

There are a lot of interesting, hidden, and theoretically inaccessible places in Cyberpunk.

Only yesterday we wrote about a place in Cyberpunk that has not been completed. This time CDPR did its best and it can be safely concluded that this particular location is finished. Although it is not easy to get there or notice it in general.

Night City is full of various curiosities that are easy to miss. Especially if we focus only on the plot, and we travel through the city using fast travel.

A camp for the homeless and addicted

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “pablo397” showed the players an interesting place, which requires a bit of effort to get to.

It is very easy to miss the camp, so you can safely write that it is a hidden spot. Under the bridge there is a whole camp of homeless people and, as the author of the recording suggests, also addicts.


An interesting spot that does not affect the gameplay itself. We won’t find incredibly rare items or additional quests there, which is a pity, because it asks for a side, maybe darker story.

Maybe that was the plan and the developers were trying to make something more of it, or maybe it was simply done to give players a more interesting experience of exploring the world. This, unfortunately, will no longer be a secret.