DICE reveals significant nerfs to hovercraft and vehicles in Battlefield 2042

Vehicles are by far the biggest pain in Battlefield 2042, though hovercraft trumped everything. Now that has changed.

Since Battlefield 2042 appeared on November 19, many fans quickly praised the premiere version of the title. Unfortunately, over time, the game has experienced a lot of problems that eventually need to be fixed by the developers. The biggest of them was definitely the issue of vehicles, which were often able to make the gameplay very unfair. Most of the complaints, however, came against hovercraft.

The hovercraft will finally be nerfed in Battlefield 2042

In the Vehicle Balance Update, the developers said:

Therefore, destroying the hovercraft will be much easier, and in addition, it will not constitute such powerful firepower.

At the moment it is difficult to say whether this is the end of the changes in the subject of hovercraft. The changes are not expected to be introduced until the end of this week, so expect them between November 26th and 28th.