Battlefield 2042 players have found a creative way to move absurdly fast

Battlefield 2042 players have found a fun way to shoot themselves all over the map. How does it look like?

The Battlefield 2042 community is constantly discovering the title and at the same time finding more and more interesting bugs in the game. In recent days, what can be described as launching yourself into the air or a slightly taller bunnyhop has been found.

It is not needed to explain to anyone how OP is this mechanic. It allows you to travel incredibly quickly through literally half the map. This is a bit like a mutated version of the Apex Legends slide.

What bunnyhop and launching into the air look like in Battlefield 2042

In the video below you can see what the problem or the trick is. Players can easily run downhill to significantly increase the speed of their movement. To do this, you need to jump up and press the melee attack button in the air.

Your character is sped up wherever there is the slope.

After making three or four jumps in a row, the player can literally launch himself into the air. Falling down is hard to master, but with proper training, you can use this bug to your advantage.


Until the developers fix this bug, players can use it, for example, for reconnaissance purposes. However, it can be expected that EA DICE will do everything to deal with it in the shortest possible time.