Respawn replies to Valkirie and Revenant’s bug in Apex Legends – “The fix is imminent.”

Valkirie and Revenant’s bug that prevents the game from continuing will eventually be fixed by Respawn.

Valkyrie and Revenant, a duo that in theory can mess up a lot, suffered from a serious bug with their special abilities. It caused the character animation while using the heroine’s ult to get stuck at the point where the Synthetic Nightmare totem disappeared. As a result, everyone fell back to the ground and could not defend themselves against the opponent, which most often ended in death.

The bug has actually existed since the release of the first of these characters (May 4 this year), but so far nothing has been done with it. Now that will finally change.

What is the studio’s message?

One of the game’s developers replied to Brazenjasobian’s Reddit post who shared a clip showing this particular bug.


Aarol L, also known as Respawn Exgeniar, added a very telling comment summarizing the whole situation:

Although this is not an official entry from the studio’s account, it can be assumed that the developers are aware of the error and have already prepared the appropriate corrections. Now it only remains to wait for their introduction. Assuming they will be released in the next patch, they should be expected this week.