Respawn addresses requests from players to rotate the pool of available Apex Legends weapons

One of the Apex Legends developers commented on possible changes to the weapon pools.

Respawn Entertainment, as the game develops, begins to grapple with the problems typical of most battle royale games. Some players have been asking the developers for some time to change the pool of available weapons that can be found on the maps during the game.

Many of them say it would be a good idea to use solutions from other games of this kind and alternate between adding and removing available rifles. Although unofficially, one of the developers decided to share his opinion on this subject and to explain the studio’s approach to the presented problem.

Will this change ever be available?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. However, it is worth bearing in mind that, as the statements show, the authors have this constantly growing problem in mind.

In addition, there was an equally frequent proposition from players, the ambivalent attitude of which is maintained by both the community and the studio working on the game. It’s about adding the P2020 to your inventory when landing and removing it from the pool of available weapons in the game. It turns out that the studio when thinking about the starter kits, took this possibility into account. Ultimately, however, it was not introduced. As John Larson argues:

In conclusion, can we expect Fortnite solutions in Apex Legends? There is a high probability that changes to the weapon pools will be implemented. However, if this does not happen, Respawn will definitely look for other methods to deal with the growing problem.