Important changes to Triple Take in Apex Legends. The weapon will receive more ammo, but only in one mode

Respawn set out to fix their mistake after the changes that affected Triple Take in Season 11.

Apex Legends, or battle royale from Respawn Entertainment studio, has been very popular for years. This has been consistently increasing year by year, which confirms the activity of players in the last 30 days, estimated at over 122 million active users.

New content is regularly added to the game, whether in the form of maps, heroes, or weapons. The last of these is often the most important factor that significantly affects the gameplay, and its changes directly affect the meta. This time the corrections, although minor, affected Triple Take. What can we expect from it now?

Not much more

Respawn, after taking a weapon of its prestigious value by retrieving it from care packages to the regular drop, forgot one important thing. After the changes in Season 11, the weapon started using Energy Ammo again, which meant that each shot consumed 3 rounds. And while in BR mode this was not a major problem, in Arena mode, players rarely used weapons due to how quickly ammunition disappeared from their inventories. Now the developers have announced an important change in this matter.

Until now, the weapon was rather invisible in Ranked Arenas. Thanks to this, however, according to the developers, the rifle is to become useful again.