Four new roles officially introduced to Among Us. New update available

A new update has been introduced to Among Us with four new roles.

Among Us definitely has a chance to get back on its feet. Yesterday InnerSloth not only announced but also introduced a new update, adding a lot of news. Among them, finally, there are new roles.

The roles are interesting and actually differ from those that the community thought about. Three of them are for Crewmates, one is something of a skill for the Impostor role.

New roles in Among Us

The role names are:

  • Scientist,

  • Engineer,

  • Guardian Angel,

  • And the role for Impostor called “Shapeshifter”.

Most of these roles are clear and understandable. The scientist has access to a preview of the status of the entire crew, the engineer can use vents, but the Guardian Angel is interesting. It gives players a temporary shield protection.

Roles are now available directly in Among Us, along with many other novelties such as challenges, new cosmetic items, and achievements.