A popular YouTuber died while climbing a bridge. The whole thing was streamed

The police initially stated that it was about Youtube, but now the version is changing.

There are many versions of the same information. A 17-year-old Youtuber, although it is now difficult to find information on which platform it was streamed on, died while climbing one of the popular bridges. Reading the police communications, one can conclude that it was either on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

It’s not likely that we’re talking about Twitch here, as there would have been a lot of buzz about it in the community associated with the platform as well. Either way, indeed, this is already another person losing his life while entering such places.

A 17-year-old died while climbing a bridge

That’s why many YouTubers who deal with this on a daily basis warn very strongly that this is a risky activity and it’s better just not to do it. The teenager was about to climb the “6th Street Viaduct”, his name is not known, i.e. the police do not give it.

However, the messages include the phrase “popular YouTuber.” So one may think that it is about someone recording this type of content, who streamed it while entering on some other platform.

This information about the police has changed several times, as first it was about a building, then an adult man, then a bridge, and a teenager recording it on some platform.

Alternatively, it was simply about someone who wanted to take a photo on the bridge – that’s also an option because as long as there’s no name, or nickname, it’s all just conjecture.