What happened next with Amouranth? The stream has been interrupted, police are unable to answer

Yesterday, the Internet learned what Amouranth’s situation was really like.

Amouranth told what her life was like – according to her, her life was controlled by her husband, who forced her to stream, restricted her access to money, and threatened her. People were curious to know what happened next. Eventually, the stream was discontinued, and until now few people know why.

The moment the stream was interrupted:


What happened next?

The streamer does not contribute to social media, and does not answer questions. So other influencers tried to figure out what happens next with Amouranth. One of them was Alinity, who contacted the police about the case.


However, as we learn, the service has not been able to answer the question of whether Amouranth is okay. This is probably due to regulations. So the case is very mysterious, and people are becoming increasingly worried.

There have also been speculations on the web regarding the fact that this is some kind of marketing stunt, an attempt to draw attention to itself. However, it is worth remembering that we are talking about Amouranth here. In fact, every single thing she says, even the smallest one, is quoted by media all over the world. It is difficult to say here that the streamer needs something like this to gain publicity.