You won’t believe how detailed the characterization of the main character from the movie “The Whale” was.

Awarded at this year’s Oscars, “The Whale” is a true work of art, especially in terms of characterization.

“The Whale,” is a psychological film from 2022, which won as many as two awards at this year’s Academy Awards. These were:

  • Brendan Fraser as Best Leading Actor for “The Whale.” It was one of the three main awards of the gala.
  • Best characterization.

Of course, Brendan Fraser is an excellent actor who definitely deserves another statuette, while special applause is deserved especially by the film’s make-up team, thanks to which the actor was able to play the incredibly dramatic main character of “The Whale.”

The makeup process up close

Of course, not everyone is aware that Brendan Fraser, whom we could see in “The Whale,” doesn’t look like this every day. The actor does not struggle with severe obesity and is really far from such a condition.

However, on the Internet, you can still see many voices of people who thought it was a real man’s body because the characterization is so perfect. On the web, too, for some time now, you can see behind-the-scenes photos that show the process of creating the makeup of the main character of “The Whale,” played by Fraser – Charlie, an English teacher struggling with severe obesity.