The Rock will play Kratos in a series based on God of War? The director answers

Rumors have surfaced online as if The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, was to play Kratos in the upcoming God of War series.

Kratos is a very well-known character in the gaming community. Even if you’ve never played God of War, you’re probably still familiar with the character. Anyway, Amazon Prime has announced that it is creating a series based on the game.

An increasing number of developers are choosing to screen their productions – apparently, titles like The Witcher and The Last of Us have shown that this is a very profitable business. Now, with the news of an upcoming series based on God of War, many rumors have arisen that The Rock is to play the lead role – Kratos.

Will The Rock play Kratos?

The rumors went so viral and spread so much that some people started writing about it as if it were confirmed information. And interestingly – the rumors even reached the producer of the upcoming series himself.

Cory Balrog is the previous writer and director of the two latest installments of God of War. Now he has also become an executive producer of the upcoming series on Amazon Prime. He is the one who decided to respond to rumors that Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, would become the new face of Kratos.

Barlog replied that he had never once heard of this actor being cast to play the main character of God of War. However, looking at the fact that the production is at a very early stage, the cast probably hasn’t been chosen yet.

And since the main producer directly says that even he himself did not know about it, there is a slim chance that these rumors are true. But you know – it’s worth taking everything with a grain of salt, in this industry anything can really happen.