Fans of The Witcher, Warcraft and Game of Thrones are united by the Iron Throne. The Easter egg that everyone missed

The Iron Throne in the House of the Dragon series has an interesting element to it.

In August of this year, a new series appeared on HBO. We are, of course, talking about House of the Dragon. It tells the story of the Targaryen family and the events 200 years ago from the action taking place in Game of Thrones.

The series, however, is much younger and the creators decided to map the real face of the royal chair in it. There were several references to The Witcher and Warcraft.

The Witcher, Warcraft and Game of Thrones

Certainly Game of Thrones can be considered one of the best series produced to date. Of course, not counting the last season, which received rather mixed reviews. However, many fans of George R. R. Martin’s work have pointed out a distinctive detail. In his books, the Iron Throne placed in the capital of Westeros – King’s Landing, in the main hall of the Red Keep, was large, dangerous, with sharp edges and obscured the light coming from behind its windows. In Game of Thrones, on the other hand, it was no longer so spectacular.

This was rectified in the “House of the Dragon”. A whole lot of props were needed to create a proper imitation of the throne from the swords of defeated enemies. Director Miguel Sapochnik estimated that they had to use about 2,500 swords, and some of them were real. This was helped by those needed for the filming of other productions, such as just the 2016 Witcher and Warcraft series. A skilled eye can pick them up in the background:

Those commenting on the find say it is likely to be a “Longclaw” model. It can also be obtained in CD Projekt Red’s production The Witcher 3.