Did Principal Weems from Wednesday outsmarted everyone? The ending of the series was completely different?

Netflix’s latest series really has a lot of mystery in it, but it’s unlikely anyone would have guessed that the ending could be quite different.

Wednesday is definitely a hit this fall. The series about the dark and extremely sarcastic daughter of the Addams family even surpassed the premiere of the latest season of Stranger Things in terms of viewership. This is a really big achievement, but it’s actually hardly surprising – after all, Wednesday’s director is the much-loved Tim Burton.

Although at first glance, the plot that the series focuses on seems rather trivial – a teenager from a school for freaks, who tries to solve the mystery of the local town, discovers the dark secrets of the school she attends – there are a bunch of details in Burton’s latest work that are worth mentioning. Many of them are not even noticed.

Nevermore school principal outsmarted everyone?

The article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched Wednesday yet, we recommend skipping it.

Netflix’s Wednesday has gained a mass of fans. Now everyone is bragging about their cosplays, trying to create their own version of the iconic Wednesday dance, and even coming up with theories that might actually make sense. One of them has been popular on TikTok lately, and it’s about a theory, to be exact, which claims that the headmistress of Weems school for freaks in Nevermore probably outsmarted everyone, as well as her own de*th in the last episode of the series. How is that possible?

It all starts with the Addams family butler Lurch, whom every fan of the series should know. He appears very rarely in Burton’s work, as we can only see him in the form of the family’s driver, and later as Wednesday’s baggage porter. Nevertheless, fans believe that he plays a significant role throughout the series, especially at the beginning and very end.

According to the author of the theory, we should look at Lurch from the first episode. There, his appearance supposedly differs from that of the last episode, and it’s exactly about his eyes. In the beginning, these are quite darkened, as if behind a kind of fog, while later their color strongly differs and then they are really expressive – you can even see their brown color. What could this mean?


The theory belongs to stenseeditsz, but more and more people agree with it. Many fans also believe that Principal Weems wouldn’t get “caught” so easily, she’s just too smart for that. Such a simple de*th doesn’t fit her, so something must be up. And she’s the only one in the entire series who can change into another person and take their shape.

And even though Lurch’s character as the Addams’ butler is one of the most mysterious in the entire universe, he could still play a significant role in the entire series. Perhaps the directors are already preparing a similar twist for the next season?