The latest Children’s Collection for The Sims 4 is now available. What can we find in it? List of items

A brand new Collection for The Sims 4 – First Fits – has just come out. What interesting things does it introduce?

In line with the announced summer roadmap for The Sims 4, the developers have announced two recent expansions that will enter the game in the first half of September. One of them – First Fits Kit – came out exactly on September 1.

Players will have to wait another two weeks for the second one. Both seem to be promising, and with the release of the former, we already know what it offers. This is a collection created specifically for school-aged children, and we will mainly find new colorful clothes with interesting designs.

What does the First Fits Kit offer?

What’s this kit about?

Dress the next generation of trendsetters in fashion fit for a playdate with The Sims™ 4 First Fits Kit*! Whether a child Sim wants to turn heads on the first day of school or run around having fun with friends, these versatile styles will keep them looking fashionable (and SO cute).

Key features

Dressed to Express

A lifetime of fashion choices starts when you become a big kid and can dress yourself. Give child Sims more ways to express themselves with the kinds of leopard-print jackets, patterned leggings, and colorful shades they’ll want to wear when they grow up.

Fashion is 24/7

Dress child Sims in trendy looks that are fit for birthday parties, the classroom, or just hanging out with friends. These casual looks don’t require a special occasion, but they won’t be out of place at one either.

Below we also have a list of all the objects that the Kit offers once purchased.

It would seem that the items are really few, and so they are. However, the collection, despite the poor number of clothes, mainly brings a big breath of fresh air for children and very interesting, colorful variants that will fit perfectly into the latest trends.