Are you familiar with these images in The Sims 4? They are probably the ancestors of these iconic NPCs

It looks like players have found another interesting easter egg, although it’s not entirely clear if it’s real.

Every day a lot of theories and interesting facts from The Sims 4 hit the Internet, which someone either didn’t know about or were recently added to the game and the community found them. Many of them, of course, are already common knowledge among Simmers, but sometimes you can still find interesting theories or surprises.

Some time ago, one player shared a rather interesting theory… which probably existed from the very beginning of the game, but no one had delved into it before. It’s really interesting that you can come up with some things only after playing the game for several years.

Are those characters in the images real Sims?

You may be familiar with these images from the base game, which feature photographs of certain people in gray colors. They look a bit like old portraits of some family members from years ago.

Simmers have their own theory about who it could be. Recently, someone shared it on Facebook, and then the post quickly made its way to sim Reddit, where it quickly found followers.

The characters shown in the paintings really seem to be strongly related to the currently living Sims in The Sims 4 universe. It is also worth recalling that the plot of this part of the game is completely detached from the previous ones, so anything could be possible. If the theory about the ancestors of, for example, Bob Pancakes or Nina Langraab in the portrait is true, it’s very possible that Simmers overslept a bit and didn’t pay attention to a rather large curiosity in the game.