A thing that appears in every installment of The Sims, but not in 4? The players miss it the most

The Sims community misses many things that were in previous installments of the game, but are not present in the fourth.

In the first three parts of The Sims, you can find many different types of elements and game mechanics that are missing in The Sims 4, and the community has been asking for them for a long time.

In the past, many different charts have been created that illustrate what is missing in the newest part of the game, and this is another such element. Simmers unanimously admitted that the lack of this object in TS4 is a huge misunderstanding.

What do players think is missing the most in TS4?

An entry was made on Reddit in which one of The Sims 4 players shared a very relevant video. It shows the stairs in the first three installments of The Sims. As it turns out, these are not ordinary stairs, because they are twisted.

In a short video, you can very clearly see what it looked like over each part of the Sims, and what it looks like now in the Four. There is no need to comment on it because everyone will get what it is all about.

Man I really miss spiral stairs


As you can see, The Sims 1, 2, and 3 offered not only simple, normal stairs, but also its spiral version. It is true that The Sims 4 has a more extensive system of creating stairs and can be arranged in several different ways, but the developers have still not introduced an option that allows you to spin them.

Many players admit in comments that this is one of the things that makes them disappointed with the current state of the game, and the fact that they cannot build stairs that are spiral makes their structures lose some of their uniqueness at times.

It is true that there are mods that allow you to install spiral staircases into your game, but many players do not like modifying their game or playing with its files. Will developers ever introduce this type of staircase? This is not known, but looking at how many new products the developers have recently introduced to their game, there is a chance that they will decide to do it soon.