A new update has just gone into The Sims 4. Is this the end of the problematic bugs from July?

The Sims 4 has just received a new update. What does it introduce?

It seems that the developers have recently been focusing hard on improving the quality of their players’ gameplay. After numerous reports, complaints and requests to fix the game, the developers have finally started to improve their game.

The last update took place about two weeks ago, and an even earlier one in early August. You have to admit, that’s pretty frequent, especially for EA. Usually, updates to The Sims 4 appear every 1.5 months. Has the new update already got rid of all the problems that have been appearing in the game since July?

Co nowego? Naprawione błędy.

The Sims 4

  • Children, teens, young adults, and adult Sims who blow out the candles on their cake now should age up reliably. Happy birthday! We still are investigating the problem for toddlers.

High School Years

  • Feel like you are going backwards in time after visiting the Thrift Shop? It turns out that some mods were preventing the game from saving. We’ve made the store more accommodating to external content. We have seen some of you who do not play with mods reporting this problem. If you continue to encounter the issue, please let us know on AnswersHQ.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Freelance Crafters can now send fabricated items via “Send to client for approval…” from computers to complete the “Send your finished work to the client” career task.


  • Sims trying to get indoors during a blizzard now walk appropriately. Stay warm!

Get Famous

  • DJs and Mixologists no longer leave their booth unattended when a Celebrity attempts to build up Fame through “Perform <scene> for Tips” or Dance Battles. As they say, “Starve your distractions; feed your focus.”