This Pokemon GO player spent a lot of time to achieve perfect notification about hatched eggs

One Pokemon GO fan decided that he would hatch every type of egg in the game at one point.

The community of the mobile game about pocket creatures is really creative and likes to come up with challenges that aren’t really part of the gameplay and don’t give special bonuses – one player came up with a strange idea and does his best to implement it.

On the Internet, you can find many such incredible challenges. There are those who decide to hammer the account level without catching Pokemons or participating in any battles. Recently, there was an article about a player who wants to reach the maximum level on an account that has not joined any of the three available teams.

Now a screenshot of yet another fan of the title, who spent a lot of time to perfectly time the hatching of every type of egg that exists in the game, has become a hit.

Perfect timing of hatching eggs

A post appeared on Pokemon GO Reddit, in which one player showed the perfect hatching moment of the 5 types of eggs that are available in the game.

As you know, the title offers different types of eggs, which require a different distance to travel. Each type offers different species of Pokémon. How you can get a particular egg also differs. For example, 7-kilometer eggs fall from gifts from friends, while 12-kilometer eggs can be obtained after defeating the leader of Team Go Rocket.

The Reddit user has put a lot of work into finally seeing the perfect juxtaposition of the hatching eggs. It looks like this:

It would seem that wasting time on something like this is completely pointless since it doesn’t matter what eggs are hatching at any given time.

However, it turns out that the community greatly appreciated the idea and commitment of the author of the post. His post became wildly popular and got more than 11,000 positive reactions in less than 24 hours. This made it to the list of the most popular posts of the entire month, despite the fact that it was added only the day before.

As you can see, the community really appreciates these kinds of ideas and enjoys seeing determined players implement them one by one.