A Pokemon GO player boasted a perfect collection of Eevee evolutions. It’s very nice to look at

One Pokemon GO fan showed off his collection of Eevee evolutions. This view is really satisfying.

Eevee is one of the most beloved Pokemon in the series about the pocket creatures. It is loved not only by people who grew up on older games or anime but also by younger ones who only got acquainted with the Pokemon world thanks to the mobile game from Niantic.

The aforementioned creature is not only adorable and comes in various event editions, but it’s also great for collectors, as it has as many as 8 different evolutions, which gives you a lot of options when it comes to completing your Pokedex – some people just want to have every single one of them, others aim to collect the shiny versions, and still, others aim to collect every Pokemon with a perfect IV.

One player succeeded in doing so, and he shared his collection on Reddit, which made him get a lot of positive reactions and quite a few comments quite quickly. What does his collection look like?

Perfect collection of evolutions

One Reddit user of Pokemon GO boasted a compilation of all Eevee evolutions that have perfect stats. Looking at such a collection is incredibly satisfying. Commenters admitted that the player’s collection is very impressive and they envy it.

Since there are so many evolutions of Eevee, and the Pokemon themselves are incredibly popular among fans of the series, many players choose to collect the best specimens possible, and those who don’t look at statistics simply want to have all the possible examples.

It is relatively rare that someone has every evolution with a perfect IV. Even rarer would be a collection where every one of them is a shiny or lucky version. Although this seems really difficult to get, there are certainly dedicated Eevee fans who have done it.