This Pokemon GO player found something really disturbing in the middle of the city

One Pokemon GO fan shared a rather unusual find with the community.

In the game from Niantic, you can take part in a number of activities every day. The most popular of these is, of course, catching Pokemon encountered on your way, but fans can also complete tasks, hatch eggs, fight with other trainers in the GO Battle League or participate in raids together with other players. Gyms are also an important part of the gameplay, into which Pokémon can be put, and when the Pokémon defend the gym long enough – the player receives premium currency for it.

Not surprisingly, teams compete with each other to take over Gyms, and one practically never encounters gyms that stand completely empty. If it does happen – most likely this state will change after a while, because someone has just finished fighting and has not yet put his creature in.

A cluster of empty Gyms

Reddit user LunarScholar published a post in which he posted a screenshot of the game. It shows the author’s character approaching a cluster of Gyms, but each of them is gray and empty. It gives the impression that the entire city is abandoned.

Probably some people thought that it was some kind of glitch and that the gyms loaded incorrectly on the map of the author of the post. However, in the comments, an attempt was made to clarify the matter, and according to the players who commented, it is not the fault of the glitch

It turns out that there is a group of people who purposely leave Gyms in such a state – after the creatures are nailed down, they don’t put anything inside, which leaves the object marked in gray.

Why would someone do that? Players guess that it is just about trolling. Similarly, people who create dozens of multi-accounts in order to quickly collect Pokemons that appear in Gyms act similarly – this makes it impossible for other players in the area to earn any PokeCoins.