Absurd bug in Go Battle League in Pokemon GO – player had to fight an invisible opponent with 50,000 CP

One player experienced a rather strange bug. His rival in the Go Battle League had an invisible Pokemon with a huge number of CP.

Pokemon GO is a hugely popular game that is popular all over the world. For several years, the community has been going out regularly to catch creatures in the real world. Of course, in addition to acquiring new Pokemon for the collection, players can also enjoy other activities, such as fighting in raids or skirmishing with other trainers in the Go Battle League.

When it comes to PvP in Pokemon GO, some players take it really seriously, but there are also those who occasionally fight someone for fun. Regardless of which group a fan belongs to – everyone would like the battle to be fair and bug-free.

In recent days, a strange glitch in the game put one trainer face-to-face with absurdly strong invisible Pokemon during a PvP Battle League match. What did it look like?

An invisible opponent in Go Battle League

On Reddit of Pokemon GO, a user nicknamed LupoNoir posted a screenshot from the game, showing that he fought a rather unusual opponent during the Go Battle League. Although it would be fair to say that he didn’t really know who his opponent was, since the opponent had turned invisible.

To make matters worse – in addition to the fact of invisibility, the opponent also had an absurd number of CP, as many as 50 thousand. The network called this Pokemon a “god” and joked that one would love to catch such a specimen.

Most Pokemon Go fans are well aware that under normal circumstances CP level never reaches that high, and the strongest Pokemon in the game barely top 5,000 CP. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the above duel screen looks really grotesque.

Unfortunately, it seems that the community has no idea what caused this strange glitch, and the author of the post did not inform fans about how the fight ended. Considering the opponent he faced, it is safe to assume that the skirmish did not end successfully.