This Pokemon GO player did something really weird. He created 18 accounts to repeat certain activities

One of the Pokemon fans presented an unusual story to the community. What happened?

Pokemon GO is a famous game related to pocket creatures. Hardly anyone doesn’t know the well-known Japanese series, which has been in development for over 25 years. The mobile version of the game, which relies on the basis of catching Pokemon in the real world, worked really well. It is being developed to this day, and players say that the community of this title is really nice. Various fan conventions take place around the world, players help each other during events and often fight side by side during raids, despite the fact of belonging to different teams.

However, there are also people who approach the game in a strange way. We are not talking about cheaters, although there have also been some because they decided that they prefer to use fake GPS. There are, however, those who set up many new accounts. Some people will probably think that they are doing it to exchange Pokemon or send each other gifts. However, there are players who do it for a completely different purpose.

An army of fake accounts and spamming gyms

One of the players wrote an interesting story on Reddit. He figured there was a player in his area who had done something really strange.

There’s this dude in my town who uses 18 profiles with similar names and the same cosmetics to defend those three Gyms for three different teams. Defeating one of them makes no sense, he will come back within hours and put his six pokemon there again.

It would seem that such a history is an urban legend and has little to do with the truth. Otherwise, it must be a person who has a lot of free time, because managing such a number of accounts is very problematic and time-consuming.

It gets even weirder when you get down to the comments section. Players tell their stories about mysterious trainers who can drive up to the gym right after taking it over to get it again.

Same thing in my town. There’s someone who killed the gym etiquette in my town with 5 accounts on each team and will leave gyms empty. He’ll particularly target instinct, like me, to not have any gyms. It’s incredibly stupid that Niantic is allowing this and how stupid the gyms system is.

Another player wrote:

I can understand 2 accounts in the rural area, so that people in places that there aren’t a lot of gyms, and not a lot of players can get their coins and the mons aren’t stuck in gyms for ages, also to be able to get legendaries without remote passes. Even 3 would be acceptable. But 18 is being Capitan douchebag.

According to players’ reports, people who set up more than a dozen accounts are not as rare as it might seem. Of course, these are still isolated cases, but even one such coach per city shows that Niantic should be interested in it.

However, it is difficult to judge from what point players should be banned. Having two or three accounts is not particularly bad and it doesn’t spoil the game for other people. However, having a dozen seems absurd, but as long as you don’t use them to destroy the fun of others or build a false advantage, there’s no reason why such owners deserve a ban.