Giovanni returns to Pokemon GO. This time it will be possible to get Shadow Lugia

Players will have a chance to catch Shadow Lugia. What is known?

Almost every Pokemon trainer knows the boss of Team GO Rocket. Giovanni is a characteristic character from the series of games about pocket creatures. In Pokemon GO, the boss of Team Rocket is associated with various interesting Pokemon that he uses to fight.

After defeating him, you can catch one of these creatures. Until now, these were, among others Shadow Mewtwo, Shadow Articuno, Shadow Moltres or Shadow Zapdos. This time the head of GO Rocket is back with something completely different. It turns out to be Shadow Lugia.

Giovanni returns to Pokemon GO

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the Team GO Rocket event will begin.

Team GO Rocket has decided to take over the Festival of Lights event in an attempt to take away Hoopa! Giovanni has also returned to lead this mission. It seems likely that he was watching from the shadows this entire time, studying Hoopa as we learned about it, too. There’s also rumors of another Legendary Pokémon that he’s turned into a Shadow Pokémon! Let’s stop Team GO Rocket, Trainers!

On this occasion, the following attractions are planned:

  • Team GO Rocket members will appear much more frequently in PokeStops and balloons.
  • The sequel to Season of Mischief will be released.
  • Giovanni will return to Pokemon GO and can be met after using Super Rocket Radar. After defeating the Team GO Rocket boss, the player will receive the Shadow Lugia.
  • Players will be able to use Charged TM to get rid of the Frustration attack on their Pokemon.
  • Team GO Rocket leaders will have other creatures.

Season of Mischief – next stages

Starting November 9, Special Research Story Misunderstood Mischief Stage 15 and 16 will be available. This time the tasks will focus on Team GO Rocket – the player will have to defeat the members, the leader and the boss. The prizes will include Lucky Egg, 2 x Golden Razz Berry and Absol.


Giovanni’s team

Giovanni, who will return to Pokemon GO, will use new creatures in the fight. The first stage of the fight will remain unchanged and will feature Rocket Persian, associated with the Team GO boss.

During the second fight, the opponent will use Kingler, Nidoking, or Rhyperior.

The last stage is the fight with Lugia, which you will receive after defeating Giovanni.