The second September box in Pokemon GO. What does it contain? Until when can you pick it up?

Time for another September box with interesting prizes.

Fall is fast approaching, so it’s also getting closer to the autumn events in Pokemon GO (recently revealed who will be the hero of October Community Day, which is, as you know, Halloween-themed). As there is a lot going on in the game, it is worth collecting free items that will help you catch creatures and use the attractions that the creators have prepared.

September boxes, like the ones last month, aren’t completely free, but don’t worry – the price is low enough that most players can afford to buy one. What is in the box this time and when will it be available?

The second September box in Pokemon GO

From September 13 (Monday) to September 20, 2021, you can pick up an event, disposable box for the price of 1 PokeCoin in the in-game store, which includes:

  • 5 x UltraBall,
  • 10 x Revive,
  • 1 x Remote Raid Pass.

It is worth recalling that this weekend will be the September Community Day related to Oshawott, a water creature from the V generation. More information on this topic can be found here: The October Community Day preview in Pokemon GO. What creature will appear?

Players who are still missing PokeBalls can use the code, which recently is able to be used in the game – Interesting facts about new Pokemon in Pokemon GO and a code for free PokeBalls.