The makers of Pokemon GO are testing new features. What may come soon?

Several new features are currently being tested that may be available to players in some time.

Pokemon GO is a game that is constantly evolving. Over the years, a lot has changed in the title from Niantic. There were several generations of Pokemon, there were a lot of interesting events, remote raids, Mega Evolutions, Candy XL, and much, much more were introduced. In fact, today’s Pokemon GO is almost unlike its beginnings when players didn’t have much to do.

It turns out that the creators are preparing something new again. Several new features are currently being tested. Some of them focus on new players, but there will also be something for advanced coaches.

New features in Pokemon GO

Niantic announced that several new features are being tested that may appear in the game in the coming months. It is not known exactly when these features will come to the game and it is worth noting that the tests are available only in selected regions.

What is tested? It turns out that there are several novelties for new players. Among them, there will be:

  • suggestions of nicknames for new coaches,
  • an extended set of tips and advice for players,
  • new Special Research for new players.

Of course, this is not the end of attractions. The creators also did not forget about advanced trainers who spent up to several years in the game. For them, the proposed nickname or tutorial is not needed.

According to new information, Niantic wants to introduce an update related to Pokemon eggs. Most players probably know that a long hatching animation can be very irritating, especially if it appears at the wrong time (e.g. when someone is in a hurry to complete a mission before the end of the event or has time bonuses activated).

According to the announcement, the creators want to introduce the possibility of skipping unwanted animations. So far, no more is known about the update of the egg system.

The last tested novelty will be additional PokeStop functions. So far, Niantic has only revealed that PokeStops can be upgraded to higher levels. The next levels will give you more interesting prizes.

It is worth remembering that all the announced things are currently in the testing phase and it is not known what they will look like in the final version. Everything can still change, so keep an eye on the next announcements.