Possible skills of the Junker Queen, who will be in Overwatch 2, have been leaked

The Queen is one of the characters that will almost certainly make an appearance in Overwatch 2.

The “Junker Queen” has appeared in theories, then in leaks, official Blizzard content so often that it is virtually certain that she will be one of the new characters that will appear in the second Overwatch.

Now her skills were to leak. There is, however, a problem with that. The source is FéféGG, who has written on his Twitter that it is not confirmed, and he received information from his viewers (as a streamer). So the source is actually some viewer, and the streamer just passed it all on.

The Overwatch world is living from leaks, so it quickly gained popularity. He was quoted in the media and YouTubers started recording videos about him.

What could the Queen’s skills look like?

As for what’s new:

  • The main weapon is a shotgun called “Scattergun”

The character is also supposed to have a melee weapon.

A sword like melee weapon which has a bleeding effect on it every time it is used dealing damage over time and an ability where it acts like a boomerang, you throw it, and can call it back booping any enemy that is on its way.


An “adrenaline shot” passive ability that heals all damage that is done through bleeding effect (could be extended to fire damage (dynamite) or poison damage (venom mine) too). This could also be a conversion from bleeding damage into hp as there seems to be confusion over the translation.


A “rallying call” ability that buffs herself and allies. It gives her an additional 200 hp and her allies an additional 100 hp. It also gives a 30% speed buff but it is unclear whether this is applied only to herself or also to allies.

A “carnage” ability that deals damage to all enemies in front of her with a bleeding effect (so damage over time)

A “rampage” ultimate where she charges in front of her dealing anti-healing (like anti-nade it seems) to enemies all the while healing herself.

All of this may or may not be true. It will turn out only when Blizzard begins to show the skills themselves.