Overwatch 2 will have worse graphics than the first game because of the mobile version? How much truth is there in that?

It has been said on the web since yesterday that Overwatch 2 will have worse graphics than its first installment.

Overwatch doesn’t have an easy time right now. In recent days, even LEGO has announced that it is suspending its Overwatch 2 sets at the moment and will be thinking if there’s a point to further cooperate.

In the meantime, theoretically, a new comic came out that didn’t interest too many people. You can see that everyone is already waiting for OW2, and most of the information around Blizzard’s production, unfortunately, puts it in a negative light.

Overwatch 2 and graphics

Since yesterday, there is information that Overwatch 2 will have worse graphics than the first due to the desire to release the second part also on mobile devices.

Where did this information come from? You might think it was a leak, but no. One of the players posted on Twitter a comparison of the graphics from Overwatch and the one that was seen on streams from Overwatch 2.

The comparisons show that the weapon models in Overwatch 2 are less detailed.

It is difficult to say why this is the way it is and whether it really has anything to do with the mobile version, so far it is difficult to say anything specific about it. On the one hand, it looks really unnerving, because the models are actually simplified, at least the ones included in the comparison.

On the other hand, it may be dictated by the general desire to make the game weigh less, better optimize it, or it is just an early version in which other models are used.