Blizzard had to roll back the latest Overwatch update due to a surprising bug

A new update has been made to Overwatch that rebalances several heroes. Interestingly, the patch had to be rolled back.

Overwatch players are already waiting for the next event, this time related to the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, quite unexpectedly, a new update was introduced to the game, which contained a serious bug.

As a result, the entire update had to be rolled back. Of course, many people think that this is another proof of how the developers approach the first game by allowing such bugs. However, this situation is not surprising, even in LoL Riot has to save itself with additional patches.

Overwatch update withdrawn

The patch contained several balance changes, the most important of which was the Moira update. The character could now easily get to places that were previously inaccessible. This is what Naeri shows on his Twitter:


What was the reason for rolling back the entire update? Hanzo’s arrows passed through the barriers. At first some thought it was intentional, but after a moment’s thought it was clear that it was a mistake.


Blizzard did not play in half measures and decided to withdraw the update. At this point, it can only be considered a curiosity, because the bug has been fixed and the servers have received the appropriate patch.